Website migration update

The ALES digital team attended the info session this morning and is pleased with the progress the central team has done to date. We are optimistic about the plans we’ve seen to date and we are moving forward as anticipated.

Update from Central

Good day all,  here is the link to the recording of the web cast from today’s info session.  (Note: You need to allow adobe flash to run on your browser in order to view the recording). As mentioned about training we have engaged Hannon Hill to build a custom U of A specific training targeted to be ready in November.  As noted during the Q&A,  the TTC will incorporate this into an in-person course (to be offered at cost like Sitecore training is currently).  For basic use of Cascade the generic training video offered by Hannon Hill is available to all and may cover the needs of content editors.  Here is the link to the generic basic training video. for anyone interested in getting a head start.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us