Web cms migration status update – from central

I wanted to share an update on the University Relations digital team’s progress on migrating from Sitecore to Cascade. For the last three months we’ve been working on two major pieces of the project:
  1. Rebuilding the framework. This activity involves a complete rewrite of our HTML and CSS code. As many of you know, this code has been in place for more than five years. We are also working on upgrading our framework to use Bootstrap 4 (the latest version).

  2. Refining the migration process. As we have mentioned in the past, our goal is to make the migration process as smooth as possible for everyone. The team has been building and testing a process that will not only migrate your site to Cascade but will also make the page template more flexible.
Over the next month, we will be doing the final testing and fine-tuning the migration process. Following this final test phase, we anticipate migrating institutional page content in early fall. This initial migration only involves pages directly managed by University Relations.
Next we will schedule information sessions for site-owners to review the content migration approach for the remaining sites and gather feedback so we can build a migration schedule that meets the needs of all stakeholders.