Phase 1 Institutional Migration underway

Cascade CMS at the University of Alberta

Phase 1 Institutional Migration

Phase 1 of the institutional migration is underway. This involves migration of the top-level U of A pages from Sitecore to Cascade, including the U of A home page as well as pages that are managed by University Relations.

Current status: content migrated and in QA phase

Migrated Sites

Over the next 13 months, sites will be migrated from Sitecore to Cascade in phases. Overall, there are more than 90,000 pages that need to be migrated.

As sites are launched, we will list them here with launch dates.

November 14

  • Aboriginal / Indigenous Resources
  • About U of A
  • Admissions & Programs (top level pages, only)
  • Campus Life
  • Cascade CMS (this site)
  • Energy Systems Signature Area
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Faculties
  • For the Public Good
  • Intersections of Gender
  • News & Events

Phase 2 Institutional Migration

Phase 2 will begin once we have completed phase 1 (centres & institutes)

Faculties, Departments and Units

Migration of all other sites will begin once both institutional phases are complete. Scheduling and planning for other units will begin in mid-November.