Website Migration 2019/2020

What is happening?

•   The University’s current Sitecore license expires December 2020

•   April – August 2018: University Relations – Digital (UR Digital) did a review and needs assessment, and decided to explore options

•   September 2018: Request for Proposal was sent out

•   January 2019: Presentations to UR Digital by short-listed vendors

•   March 2019: Decision to be made

•   May 2019 – November 2020: Window for migration to a new platform

Didn’t we just do this?

•   December 2008: First UAlberta Sitecore license, renewed every three years since (2011, 2014, 2017)

•   May 2013: First faculty migration to “Sitecore 3” completed (Medicine)

•   May 2013 – December 2014: Majority of faculties (faculty level) migrated to Sitecore 3

•   September 2018: All faculties and departments migrated, except Engineering

•   March 2018: All faculties on Sitecore 3, Sitecore 2 closed.

What does this mean for us?

•  The goal is that 80% of the migration process will be initiated & migrated over by UR Digital web team. The remainder 20% of content and layout to be a manually moved by ALES IT Web Team.

•  There will be no development work done by UR Digital until everyone at the University has migrated to this new platform.

•  ALES content changes will proceed as normal.

•  Expect a content freeze prior to the ALES migration.

•  Sites not on Sitecore are not involved in this migration

Next steps

•   Developing a project plan and timeline

•   Keeping this web page updated with the latest information


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