Dress Rehearsal Checklist

  • Start and share your test meeting link
  • Keep your microphone muted and your video off until the other parties join.
  • Once all the participants you are testing with, join. You can turn your microphone on and your camera.
  • If you will be sharing data during the day of the conference, test it now to make sure all participants can receive it. Whether this means Sharing Screens, Sharing Desktop, Presenting PowerPoint Presentation, etc. Move things around to see if there will be a delay between when you do the action, and when they can see it. Keep this in mind for the day of the meeting. One to three second delays can be normal.
  • If it all works, you are ready for your meeting to go smoothly on whichever day it occurs.
  • If it does not, please try the troubleshooting listed on https://alestech.ualberta.ca/video-for-online-events-and-conferences/.
  • If things still do not work, please contact one of the IT professionals listed on https://alestech.ualberta.ca/contact-us/