ALES Website Banner Requests

ALES Faculty Home Page banners must conform approved specifications prior to publication. Request forms submitted to schedule a banner will require the submitter to agree they have reviewed these specifications. *

Download and review the ALES Faculty Home Page Banner Specifications.


*Temporary Sitecore system requirements. This will change on Cascade (the new website hosting system).

Remember to check your email for a form submission verification. This is your copy of your submission to us.
If you don't receive a copy, we won't receive a copy 🙂


Banner standards and specifications

Homepage banners must conform to the ALES Homepage Banner Specifications.

Review the ALES Homepage Banner Specifications

Check the box to indicate that you have reviewed the document and the banner image you are uploading is in agreement with those standards. Images uploaded without this confirmation checked will not be published. If this request is to have the ALES Digital team design the banner, ignore this checkbox.

Banner Content

Enter the name of the Event, Promotion, or Campaign this banner is associated with.
Select the date you'd like the banner to begin showing on the ALES Faculty website.
Select the date you'd like the banner to be removed from the ALES Faculty website.
Please select if you are uploading the banner image, or if you are requesting ALES Digital to work with you to design the Banner -- in which case ALES Digital will contact you regarding your request.