Video & Web Conferencing

Services Offered

  • Lync/Skype for Business (S4B) web conference;
  • Polycom Video Conferencing Unit (VCU); and
  • Adobe Connect (an external or internal eClass Live session) web conference.


  1. Date & local time of the video / web conference;
  2. If we are using Lync/S4B or the Polycom VCU;
  3. How many endpoints (connections / participants) there is going to be in the conference;
  4. Locations of the end points (physical location & time zones); and
  5. Contact information of the IT personnel arranging trials / tests for the people / entity’s participating in the conference (to facilitate testing & to verify technology available). 
** Please note, we have one mobile large screen TV (55”)  & one mobile Polycom VCU. There is a possibility of conflict in date/time when booking. Anticipate a possible requirement to have an alternate booking time / date or use LG TV & Lync rather than Polycom VCU (or vice versa). The earlier you book & reserve, the less chance of a conflict in availability. **


Without the pre-conference tests, we’re limited to ensuring a successful video / web conference.

If all endpoints (connections / participants) are located in North America & within 2-3 time zones;
Ideally to ensure ample time to work through any technical difficulties, 2 weeks advance notice is sufficient.

If any of the endpoints (connections / participants) are international / overseas or crossing 4 or more time zones;
Again, to ensure ample time to work through any technical difficulties, 3 (or more) weeks advance notice is generally sufficient (more difficult to set up tests which often require local IT personnel to work off normal scheduled hours).

This is to verify we can communicate with the associating entity’s technology thus mitigating any difficulties during the actual video / web conference meeting.


Laura Ortegon-Rico
780 499 5958


Michael Abley
780 695 2533