Page permissions can be set or the default option of adding a page that is only visible to Content Editors and Content Managers can be used.

Once the page is created the user will be taken to the page giving them the opportunity to add content and publish the page. Newly added pages will not display in the menu until they are published.

Permissions Tab



When you create or add a new page, CLICK the VIEW BOX in the ALL USERS row to enable your page to be published.

 Ask your webteam for assistance.

The table on the Permissions Tab allows you to enable or disable activities.

To enable an activity (action), make sure the appropriate box is checked. To disable an activity, click on the empty box until the dot-with-line icon appears.

If a check box is left blank (unset), then that activity will not be available for the corresponding role and will behave as if it was disabled for that user/role.

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