Remote Access Desktop (my office workstation) - Alternate 2

Alternate method #2: Remote Desktop Access

(please review the entire process before making any changes to your current configuration).

This method will bypass the Remote Desktop Gateway service. First we must disable the use of the Remote Desktop Gateway server on your Remote Desktop client app.


Expand “Show Options” & then click on “Advanced” tab then click on “Settings” (connect from anywhere);



Clear the Check mark (radio button select) “Use these RD Gateway server settings” by selecting the radio button “Do not use an RD Gateway server”.




Select “Ok” to complete this phase of the configuration.

To initiate a direct Remote Desktop client app connection to your office workstation; there still remains the requirement to authenticate through the building gateway for direct access to your workstation. This authentication requirement is required every time prior to initiating a Remote Desktop Client connection to your office workstation.

Please select one of these locations to authenticate your ALES identity to facilitate the ability to “pass through” the security firewall.

If your office is located in Agriculture / Forestry Centre, GSB, SAB, ESB, HEB, College Plaza or the University of Alberta Botanic Garden, click here for instructions on connecting to the firewall;


If your office is located on South Campus , click here.

Other office locations are NOT required to make these changes.

Follow these steps below to complete your access to your office workstation.
Use your ALES ID & ALES password to log into the Sonicwall security device.




Please ensure to “always allow pop ups from this site“ when prompted in your browser.

This pop up box will appear, you can proceed & connect with your Remote Desktop client app.

(**Are you getting a “This page can’t be displayed” error? Click here to resolve **). 




*** Please note; many countries do NOT allow a direct connection via the protocols in use for Remote Desktop client connections. If possible, using the Remote Desktop Gateway service is the preferred method as it will “wrap” a SSL (web protocol) connection within the Remote Desktop client app and typically provide a cleaner more seamless connection & experience. ***